This place has the Greatest Chiropractors in Tracy! They literally saved my life! I owe them everything!
– Anonymous

Been going here for about 4 years this place has the best Dr’s in the Tracy area that I have found
– Rod L.

Honestly the best, The workers are very welcoming & humble, definitely love this place.
– Richard H.

One of the best Chiropractic offices in Tracy.
– Fred K.

Very friendly and listen to your problems.
– Alyssa R.

I found Rawlinson Chiropractic through a Living Social deal…I was a little nervous at first but Dr. Bills is the nicest personĀ I’ve ever met and truly make you feel comfortable and at ease. They are extremely knowledgeable of not only their profession (duh!) but also many other health benefits! =] I have been going there for the past 3 months and am excited for a new future without headaches (as I have many migraines) and they plan on changing that! Also – not only are these guys great, they have an amazing receptionist and an awesome massage therapist! And my last piece of info that I found to be most incredible was that these doctors are willing to work with you in any way they can to help you afford chiropractic care if YOU truly want to get better! They want you to get the best care and are willing to work with you! Love this place to pieces!!
– Erin C.

I can’t explain how grateful and happy I am to have met these amazing doctors. They are so great at what they do. I’ve been in a lot of pain for many years and dr. Bills has relieved a lot of it in just a short period of time. He’s the only one I’ve ever felt comfortable with. It’s scary to trust someone with your back, spine, and neck.he is a god sent. I can never thank him enough for what he has done for me. I feel like he has brought light/happiness back into my life.
– Michelle W.

Great experience at Rawlinson Chiropractic! The staff is friendly, helpful and accommodating. The doctors are very knowledgeable and talented!
– Heather Q.

I found Rawlinson Chiropractic from Livingsocial. Great office, kind staff and incredibly gifted Dr’s. This office is not like any other office I have ever been to. It is NOT your normal Doctor office. There are two Dr’s inside, Dr. Bils and Dr. Hanson and they co-treat every single patient. They both look over each person so that nothing slips by. I’ve had low back disk bulges since I was a kid and have always been in pain. I am not anymore. I have been extremely happy with my treatments there.
– C.

I’ve been to many chiropractors and none have been able to help me but these guys have. The office staff is very professional.
– Amanda E.

Always great to interact with this company. They are more than knowledgeable about the services they provide. They change lives. Ask about some stories how they help anyone from babies stop crying, to dogs stop limping, and everything in between.
– Kyle S.

They are amazing, fun, and so much knowledge about the body. I had been going to the Drs for years regarding leg pain. Then tried a different chiropractor, after 5 visits and no help stopped going. Thanks to the health fair I found Rawlinson Chiropractic and it changed my life. 1 look at my x-ray and seeing how jacked up my spine was it took 1 visit to get rid of years of pain. I love that they don’t pressure me to buy vitamins or other things. I look forward to by twice a month visits to get adjusted. I do those visits only because they help keep me pain free.
– Rhoda B.

Amazing place and people! I haven’t felt almost normal pain free in so many years! And I haven’t even started my treatment plan yet! THANK YOU!!
– Rocellie R

I have seen them for years and helped me and my family out. They listen well and help get us back to health and stay healthy.
– Holly T.

I’ve always had headaches and back problems. I had a horrible headache and a cold and literally couldn’t function. When my head gets so bad there is usually no fix other than time without taking a whole lot of medicine that takes forever to work. I came in desperate for some relief and Dr. Hoyt adjusted me. My neck was being so stubborn but it finally moved. I was amazed that after 2 hours of my adjustment, my headache was gone COMPLETELY! I couldn’t believe how much better I felt and was about to take care of my daughter and dog without any problems. I highly recommend Dr. Hoyt and Dr. Bills to anyone. They are funny, welcoming and the whole staff is amazing.
– Lorna G.

Dr.Bills and Dr. Spaulding are a wealth of knowledge. They can answer any question and offer health advice. We enjoy going and getting adjusted as well as educated.
– Dana C.

Wow! When I started coming in I was in pain all day everyday. After coming in for a few weeks I was able to do 25 mile 3 day hike with my family. I never could have done this before. Thank you so much!!
– Nicole M.

I can’t believe how amazing these doctors are. After having back pain at least 4 days a week for the past 4 years, I have been pain free for the last 3 weeks thanks to Dr. Hansen. He is always smiling and cares and takes the time to explain when you have questions. Migraines, beware! He has gotten rid of my migraines 3 times. Awesome doctors.
– Ellie F.

Dr. Bills is awesome! He always takes care of me when my back is acting up. I HIGHLY recommend Rawlinson Chiropractic.
– Damon M.

Dr. Bills gave me an adjustment that really helped! He listens and works with your needs. I recommend him highly.
– Ceci H.

This is my second review. About 2 months back I had anaphylactic shock when I had applied aloe Vera all over my face. Ever since then I had extreme body burning sensation. I would go out early morning when it was 32 degrees without even a jacket. I will have ac in 50 degrees and still would be burning hot. When I went to my primary care physician dr Wandhisan Rossetti she prescribed prednisone a steroid medicine for the skin burning and anxiety pills. I was so scared when night came, because of the heat and hence had a lot of anxiety. I was sent to dermatologist by my doctor. He had no idea about the heat or burning body. But he did allergy test on me and found out the cause for anaphylactic. Diazolidinyl urea was the ingredient in aloe Vera I was allergic to. In the meantime I had fainted couple of times and was very worried how to manage this heat. That’s when I went to this chiropractors dr Rawlinson Travis and Kyle bills. When I told dr bills what I am going through and how I hate those steroid medicines, I was in tears. He Said if you would allow me to take an x ray I can see if I can do anything. I readily agreed, because he has fixed my problem before. Then dr Rawlinson took the X-ray and explained me, how what I had was contact dermatitis, when I applied the allergic product and how one of my bone in my head triggered the fight or flight nerve to react. So my body assumed there is potential danger and had started producing excessive adrenaline and that is why I was burning up. He Said the good news is that he can fix this problem. So he started adjusting my nerve or bone and on the third day of the adjustment the entire heat disappeared. I never thought a chiropractor would be able to fix a skin problem. These guys are that good. I am so thankful to this family of doctors. What my primary care physician failed to do was done by this chiropractor. I finally started going out with a jacket like a normal human being.
– Meena S.

This team of chiropractors is amazing. I’ve needed a good chiro for 2 years, went through it looking for a good one that worked for my needs. The friendliness and the genuine concern for the patient goes above and beyond.
– Michele K.

I came in after a doctor referred me to physical therapy on severe back pain without any x-rays. Once I walked in I got almost immediate help. I received an x-ray and an alignment and I came back the next day where they aligned me again. I have been going to Dr. Spaulding for a little over 3 months now and have not had any back pain since. I highly recommend them.
– Natasha H.

Dr. Bills really listens and understands when there is something that isn’t “normal” I had severe neck pain, and after taking an Xray (which they do in house) he saw that I had a degenerated disk and some other things that made me have to get adjusted differently. They are also great with babies and children.
– Mary H.

I really like this chiropractor, and hope to be able to get back in there soon. They really know their stuff & work with you as much as possible on costs. We found them by groupon & now my whole family has been in. They also helped my husband tremendously.
– L.T.

I originally came here because I had a groupon for a massage but it included an adjustment and X-rays. I didn’t even realize that Dr. Bills has his doctorate in neurology! I’ve seen neurologist after neurologist that couldn’t do anything for my migraines that I suffer from daily. Dr. Bills told me I have a reverse curve in my neck and that Could be the cause of my migraines. I was skeptical at first because I am a nursing student and believe in the power of medicine, but I was extremely impressed at how everything made sense to me since I have knowledge in how the human body works. I was also very honest with Dr. Bills. I told him how I felt and how everyone scared me telling me the chiropractor only wants your money. But he explained everything and made me very comfortable. I am now doing a 36 month treatment And he is working with me on the price. At this office they really care about you! And not the little how are you , hope you have a great day. But they actually take time to know you, and give you the attention you deserve as a patient, and I really respect that. They have 5 star reviews for a reason! Everyone in this office is amazing! Even the assistants, I absolutely love Erin, she makes my treatment go smoothly as it is intense and she distracts me during. Also; just a heads up. This was my first time at ANY chiropractic office and it scared me walking in, as they do not have individual rooms, they just have beds in the waiting room and everyone can see what’s going on. But nobody really cares so it was ok. Thank you to everyone at Rawlinson Chiropractic for helping me get better so I can actually live my life migraine free!!
– Danielle M.

Rawlinson Chiropractic has saved me from suffering from headaches. Their careful evaluation and care has me pain free. Super friendly staff and relaxing stress free environment.
– Heather S.

Walking in to Rawlinson Chiropractic, you are immediately aware of the care and attention that each patient receives. Each patient is greeted by name by the courteous front office staff. Dr. Bills engages each guest individually as he realigns their spine. He seems to know each patient and truly care about their well-being. He is an advocate of healthy living, including guidance for better exercise and nutrition. There are also traction, physical therapy, and massage services available. I have been to chiropractors, but the team at Rawlinson Chiropractic truly care about their patients. I highly recommend this office.
– Damon M.

For me they are like angels they have done something that there is no words to explain, the care the attention the adjustments the loving care of a professional form every person in the office. They help especially my lower back for over three years, Dr. Bills and every Dr. there help my back a lot.
– Roga V.

My husband just started seeing Dr. Bills last month and we couldn’t be more pleased. He is a great chiropractor. He has been having some issues with numbness in his hands and is already seeing a difference. The front desk girls are always so friendly. We are glad we found such a great place.
– Trisha S.

We drive about 20 minutes to go to this Chiropractic Office. Initially we found the deal on Groupon. And have been loyal since. The ladies who work the front desk are always perky and greets you by name each time you walk in. If you have an issue with part of your body, the doctor likely can fix it. I keep promoting this office to my friends. The doctor is good at remembering names, where you work things you have talked about. Even when the office is busy and full of people, you always feel you get the attention and time you need or deserve. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for the wealth of knowledge the doctor has and the concern for an individual’s well being.
– Dana C.

I seen a great deal I couldn’t pass up on Groupon. I went in with lower back pain, they did a quick exam and right away Dr. Bills noticed one leg was now shorter than the other. Did x-rays and seen the underlying cause of my problems. I had degeneration of the discs and the discomfort made me readjust causing my pelvis to shift. Right away they gave me some options for care, and gave payment plan that fit my budget. I come in to get adjustments, and some great laughs. The dr’s are very nice, and friendly. I highly recommend checking them out.
– Danny A.

Words can not say how they have saved me. For over 2 years I had leg pain and bursitis. They were at the health fair at the Sutter Hospital and I signed up for an x-ray and consult. I had been to a different chiropractor and the doctor more times than I can count. I was shocked when Dr. Bills showed me the x-ray of my back and how all over the place I was. 1 adjustment and some work on my muscles. That was the first night in years I slept, minus Aleve (which became a daily thing to help take the edge off), in fact I sleep so well that I did not move and sprained my shoulder. it was worth it. Now an adjustment every so often and I am fine. What I love are the tips on the board and no pressure to buy or do anything else. I only keep going back because it makes me feel good. If you need they have some great deals on group or to start or visit Dr. Spaulding at the farmers market on Saturdays. My insurance covers 30 visits a year, so I pay my co-pay so check yours also. I did not mention how wonderful all the staff is. it is a fun place to go. I always leave happy and not just from my adjustment. You all rock.
– Rhonda B.

I would highly recommend Dr. Bills at Rawlinson Chiropractic. I am a runner/athlete and pregnant with my second child. I have had almost no back pain with this pregnancy! Each person in their office makes you feel like family. Often I bring my 18month old in with me and they are so warm and accommodating to him.
– Bethany D.

This office is awesome, I purchased a Groupon for my mom’s first visit. Dr. Bills and his staff are very kind and professional. Dr. Kyle Bills adjusted mom, she has been mostly pain free for over a year. Mom goes into the office for regular adjustments. My sister visiting from out of state needed an adjustment, she was able to be seen on very short notice. Dr. Bills recommend that she see a cardiologist for care. My family and I highly recommend this office. Thank you, Dr. Bills and staff.
– Jerald V.

Just came back from my first massage at this place and I feel fantastic. Great atmosphere and essential oils smelled really nice. Just wish there was music. Dr. Bills was so sweet in figuring out my health history and planning a course of treatment. I never knew how many people go to a chiropractor! I liked seeing someone else getting adjusted to know what to expect. Really impressed with this place and glad to have discovered it.
– Amela M.

I was introduced to Dr. Bills during a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting in 2014. From the moment of his message to the teaching of the human body and the benefits of Chiropractic care, I could tell that Rawlinson Chiropractic was going to be an amazing experience!!! In October, my family started seeing Dr Bills and our journey as been life changing! My daughter who is 7 has been experiencing migraines for the past 3 years. She has had numerous visits to the Doctors and Neurologist all of which wanted to medicate her. I wasn’t a fan…with the help of Dr. Bills my daughter is 98% migraine free, YAY. My daughter loves Dr. Bills too..he keeps her calm and always interacts with her. I’ve also benefited from the chiropractic care, health and PT guidance as well as the massage care. Tony, is one of the massage therapist in the office. I can say he is AWESOME. He takes his time in understanding your body aches, pains and problem areas. I would highly recommend booking a massage appointment. I promise you won’t be disappointed!!! Finally, the staff is attentive to your needs. Jen and Erin are always very accommodating and welcoming. They always greet you with a smile and a hug when needed. I simply can’t say enough about this office. I promise once you tried Rawlinson Chiropractic you won’t want to leave. Thank you all for changing our lives.
– Dawn A.

I have been coming to Rawlinson Chiropractic since they first opened in Tracy. With me having had spinal fusion surgery, and being currently 26 weeks pregnant chiropractic adjustments are highly necessary. So far any pain or uncomfortability i have had has been evaluated and taken care of. I can honestly say i rarely take any medication for pain since coming to Rawlinson Chiropractic.The staff are all very friendly and never hesitate to greet you with a smile. The care and hospitality I receive here is top notch and I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a chiropractor.
– Alisha S.